Dr Culadeeban Ratneswaran

Dr Deeban Ratneswaran

Academic, doctor, educationalist in London.


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I'm an academic doctor and primary care physician with research interest in public health, sleep and medical education. I've won over 20 national and international awards in these areas. I have founded 2 starts ups: Osler's Room (medical teaching courses) and Remarxs (an academic social network).

At the moment, I'm focusing on developing skills in public health, machine learning and more complex statistical analysis. You'll find all of my current publications and additional online mentions under my birth name Culadeeban Ratneswaran.

My skills


Remarxs: academic social network

Remarxs (remarxs.com) is a work collaboration network that provides student and institutional support at a number of levels:

  • Find mentors to review academic work
  • Become a mentor to review work (for free or paid)
  • Find academic projects and opportunities by 'following' established academics
  • Allows academics to post 'projects and opportunities' to a notice board
  • Lets institutions have 'total oversight' on all research and academic activity, as well as manage project lists

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Osler's Room: medical courses

I established Osler's Room in 2012, and spent the first 3 years running charitable courses. As demand for the courses grew I converted Osler's Room into an entrepreneurial initiative. We now fully book to students from across Europe:

Currently looking for educationalists to contribute to courses and help scale:

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